Disclosed is a Singaporean Chinese investigative thriller drama which started on 28 October 2013, focusing on cybercrime cases which involve Internet fraud, celebrity privacy, online money laundering and such. It stars Tender Huang, Jesseca Liu, Andie Chen, Shane Pow & Tang Lingyi. The show aired at 9pm on weekdays and had a repeat telecast at 8am the following day. The series revolves around an elite team of PR specialists who specialize in cybercrimes.
This series is the third production by to be broadcast on MediaCorp Channel 8, the last two series being "The Oath" and "Game Plan". It will also be the fifth Wawa production featuring former artiste Jesseca Liu, who last starred in "Game Plan" and "Marry Me", Taiwanese artiste Tender Huang's second local drama after "Secret Garden", and Eden Ang 's debut production.
The series is the 10th top-rated drama serial at 9pm for 2013, with an average viewership of 772,000. It is also the lowest-rated drama serial among three dramas which were produced by Wawa Pictures and aired by Channel 8. Possibly due to this, it was the first Wawa production to garner not a single nomination for Star Awards 20.


‘Disclosed’ revolves around a group of Public Relations specialists who helps high society clients perform damage control and maintain a favourable image. The team is led by computer forensic, Wen Chang Yu, who is highly intelligent and will resort to all means to crack a case. He looks like an optimist but he is actually bothered by a secret until he meets righteous Kuang Yun Xiang. Bound by a superior-subordinate relationship, because of their differences in opinions, Chang Yu and Yun Xiang often bicker with each other. Gradually, they fell in love, being by loggerheads by day at work and lovers by night. ‘Disclosed’ is a concept derived from true accounts of social media cases involving Internet fraud and cybercrimes, where a secret is never a secret as long as social media exist. Each case covers 2 to 3 thrilling episodes.


Main cast

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Overseas broadcast

According to series premiere date:
CountryNetworkSeries premiereTimeslot
Astro Shuang XingNovember 14, 2013 - December 11, 2013Mondays to Fridays 16:30 pm
Repeat Mondays to Fridays 15:30 pm
Astro AECTBAMondays to Fridays 20:30 pm
Astro Quan Jia HDTBAMondays to Fridays 20:30 pm
MediaCorp 8 InternationalMondays to Fridays 19:00 pm