G3 (company)

G3, or the Good Governance Group, is a strategic advisory consultancy which specialises in providing advice on risk mitigation, governance, cyber security and regulatory compliance.


The company was set up in 2004 by two former senior executives from Kroll Inc..


The firm has offices in London and New York City and works with multinational corporations and financial institutions on dispute resolution, regulation and compliance, cyber security, reputation management, integrity due diligence and corporate social responsibility.
The company also provides intelligence for businesses, such as competitor analysis and cyber security, including for the defence contractor BAE Systems. The company is reportedly worth about £20 million.

Charitable Foundation

In 2010, G3 established Universal Exports Charity Foundation, an independent charity which aims to support the advancement of health, education and environmental conservation, as well as the company providing pro bono advice to selected charitable projects.
G3 also works with a select group of charity partners on a pro-bono basis.


In June 2012, Proven acquired Palmer Legal Technologies, a provider of e-discovery and digital forensics services to litigation and dispute resolution teams involved in commercial litigation, internal compliance reviews and regulatory investigations.


In 2011, it emerged that the company was linked to an incident involving Adam Werritty, that led to the resignation of former UK Secretary of State for Defence Liam Fox.
In 2012, it emerged that the Group had received £1.5 million from the government of Bahrain for "a media campaign to support the Kingdom of Bahrain's stance before the international community", during the Bahraini uprising.