Korea Hapkido Federation

The Korea Hapkido Federation is the largest, wholly hapkido, governing body for the Korean martial art of hapkido in the world. It is made up of predominantly Korean born students and instructors or those individuals who have directly trained in South Korea. This organization is based in Seoul, South Korea and its president is Oh Se-Lim.


was the founder of the original Korea Hapkido Association in 1965. The first president of the Dae Han Hapkido Hyub Hoe was Park Jong-Kyu who was Head of Security Forces for the South Korean president. Later Kim Woo Joong, president of the Dae Woo company was elected president of the KHA. These political connections greatly increased the association's power and influence. The prime movers in this organization were members of Ji's original 'Sung Moo Kwan'.
The KHA later grew into the Republic of Korea Hapkido Association with the merging of Ji han Jae's 'Dae Han Hapkido Hyub Hoe', Kim Moo-Hong's 'Han Gook Hapkido Hyub Hoe' and Myung Jae Nam's 'Han Gook Hapki Hoe' in 1973. Choi Dae-Hoon was elected president of the association with Ji Han Jae serving as senior vice president.
By 1983 Oh, See Lim, with the political problems and many of the original founding members of the association departing, renamed the association by the name first used by Ji, the Dae Han Hapkido Hyub Hoe, with a new preferred English rendering and the new Korea Hapkido Federation was born.
On September 1, 2008, Oh, See Lim retired as President of the KHF and was succeeded by Kim, Jong-Youn. President Kim served as a policeman for over 33 years and was a Hapkido instructor for the police department. He is a direct student of Kim, Moo-Hong, founder of Sin Moo Kwan.

Prominent members

A list of people who were or are prominent members of the Korea Hapkido Federation.