List of battle rifles

s are full-powered rifles, full length, automatic or semi-automatic rifles, that use detachable box magazines, that have been adopted by a nation's military. The difference between a battle rifle and a designated marksman rifle is often only one of terminology with modifications to the trigger and accuracy enhancements; many of the weapons below are currently still in use, re-designated as DMRs. For intermediate calibers firearms see List of assault rifles.
Below is the list of modern battle rifles.
AG-37.62×51mm NATONorway1956
Ak 47.62×51mm NATOSweden1956
AR-10ArmaLite7.62×51mm NATO
.308 Winchester
United States and under contract in the Netherlands 1956
Beretta BM59Beretta7.62×51mm NATOItaly1959
CETME rifle7.62×51mm NATOSpanish State 1957
FA-MAS Type 62Manufacture d'armes de Saint-Étienne7.62×51mm NATOFrance1962
Fedorov AvtomatDegtyarev plant6.5×50mmSR ArisakaRussian Empire1915
FG 42Rheinmetall7.92×57mm MauserNazi Germany1941
FM57 rifle7.62×51mm NATOSweden1957
FN FALFN Herstal
Fabricaciones Militares
7.62×51mm NATOBelgium1947
FN SCAR-HFN Herstal7.62×51mm NATOBelgium2009
Gewehr 43Berlin-Lübecker Maschinenfabrik7.92×57mm MauserNazi Germany1943
GRAM 63 battle rifle7.62×51mm NATOSweden1963
Heckler & Koch G3Heckler & Koch
7.62×51mm NATOWest Germany1950s
Heckler & Koch HK417Heckler & Koch7.62×51mm NATOGermany2005
Howa Type 64Howa7.62×51mm NATOJapan1964
L1A1 Self-Loading RifleRoyal Small Arms Factory
Lithgow Small Arms Factory
7.62×51mm NATOUnited Kingdom
M1 rifle.30-06 SpringfieldUnited States1933
M14 rifle7.62×51mm NATOUnited States1954
Madsen LAR7.62×51mm NATODenmark1957
Mk 14 Enhanced Battle RifleNaval Surface Warfare Center Crane Division7.62×51mm NATOUnited States2001
Model 45A.30-06 SpringfieldUnited States
Commonwealth of the Philippines
Sarsılmaz Arms
5.56×45mm NATO
7.62×51mm NATO
Pindad SS3PT Pindad 7.62×51mm NATOIndonesia2014
ParaFALIMBEL7.62×51mm NATOBrazil2009
IWI ACE 52Israel Weapon Industries7.62×51mm NATOIsrael2008
Pindad SS3Pindad7.62×51mm NATOIndonesia2016
Sieg automatic rifle.30-06 SpringfieldUnited States1946
SIG SG 510Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft7.5×55mm Swiss
7.62×51mm NATO
SIG SG 542Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft
7.62×51mm NATOSwitzerland1977
SLEM-1FN Herstal7.92×7mm MauserBelgium1944
SVT-40Tula Arms Plant
Izhevsk Machinebuilding Plant
7.62×54mmRSoviet Union1940s
T48 rifleFN Herstal
H&R Firearms
High Standard Manufacturing Company
7.62×51mm NATOBelgium1947
Zastava M77 B1Zastava Arms7.62×51mm NATOYugoslavia 1977
AVS-367.62×54mmRSoviet Union1936
M1918 Browning Automatic RifleColt's Manufacturing Company30-06 Springfield
.303 British
7.92×57mm Mauser
United States1917