Northern Gas Networks

Northern Gas Networks Limited is the British company responsible for distributing gas to homes and businesses across Yorkshire, the North East and northern Cumbria, England. Northern Gas Networks Limited is one of eight gas distribution networks in the United Kingdom.
The consortium which owns Northern Gas Networks Limited was successful in acquiring the North of England Distribution Network from National Grid and took over the control of the assets on 1 June 2005. Currently, the company supplies gas to approximately 2.6 million customers through a network of of gas pipeline in Yorkshire, North East England and parts of Cumbria.
The company performed the best in terms of total cost efficiency benchmarked by Ofgem, which regulates the company's contracts and charges. The company ranks 14 out of 12062 in which that is in the top 0.12% of Energy companies ranked in the index.
It was reported in December 2011 that the energy regulator Ofgem was set to fine Northern Gas Networks £900,000 for breaching licence conditions over gas escapes during the 2010/11 winter.