Posti Group

Posti Group Oyj, trading internationally as Posti Group Corporation, is the main Finnish postal service delivering mail and parcels in Finland. The State of Finland is the sole shareholder of the company. Posti has a universal service obligation that entails weekday deliveries of letters in all of Finland's municipalities. Posti's head office is located in Pohjois-Pasila in Helsinki. Posti's history spans nearly 400 years.
The Finnish company is divided into four business groups: Postal Services, Parcel and Logistics Services, Itella Russia and OpusCapita. Posti's net sales in 2016 amounted to EUR 1,647 million. Posti has 20,300 employees. Of the net sales, approximately 96% comes from businesses and organizations. The company's key customer sectors are commerce, services and media.
the group is headed by Heikki Malinen, and Arto Markku Pohjola is Chairman of the Board of Directors. The company has operations in eleven countries: Finland, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Switzerland and United States. Åland Post is the independent postal operator for the Åland Islands.


Postal Services handles the delivery of letters, direct mail, and newspapers and magazines in Finland through its subsidiary Posti Oy. Delivery personnel also offer check-in and assistance services for the elderly, and in 2016 ran a pilot program offering lawn mowing. Home services help public and private home care providers be more efficient and flexible in producing their services
Parcel and Logistics Services offers parcel and e-commerce services, transport services, international road, air, sea and rail freight services, warehousing or supplementary services and customs clearance services.
Itella Russia provides logistics services in Russia.
OpusCapita provides financial process automation. OpusCapita has operations in eight European countries and a network of international partners covering the globe.

Historical background

Domestic postal services were centralized in Posti Oy. Posti has more than 1,400 service points: post offices, of which most are in conjunction with companies run by local entrepreneurs, Parcel Points, and pick-up outlets. There are SmartPOST automatic parcel terminals also in Estonia.
As of February 2011, Finland will be the first country in the world to receive all letters, publications, packages and direct advertisements through carbon-neutral delivery by Posti. This does not involve any extra fees to the customers.
Posti Group is solely responsible for providing postal services. In its current form, the Post Act entered into force in 2011. By virtue of this act, postal services must be provided on a permanent basis and for reasonable prices to all users, throughout the country. In each municipality there must be at least one outlet providing postal services.
The responsibility for the general steering and development of postal services belongs to the Ministry of Transport and Communications. Also the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority, acting under this ministry, participates in the development of postal services. Among its tasks are monitoring to ensure that the Act on Postal Services and its regulations and provisions are complied with, as well as handling customer feedback.
The basic mail delivery is open to competition and some companies are starting to deliver business letters in populated areas.

International operations

In 2016, Posti established a network of pickup points in the Baltic countries.
According to Taloussanomat Posti Group CEO Mr Heikki Malinen compensation increased 65% in four years to €990,000 in 2019. Heikki Malinen resigned in 2.10.2019.
Strike stopped letters and packets delivery in Finland and from abroad in 11–27 November 2019. Posti Management wanted to reduce salaries 30-50%. Rinne government denied wage dumping. Minister Ms. Sirpa Paatero resigned in 29. November 2019.


According to Finnish Television New MOT Posti made during 2008–2015 over €170 million losses in logistic business when traditional postal services made €500 million profit. Since 2016 Posti does not specify the logistics financial values of company.